Terry’s Top 10 New Year’s ADHD Resolutions

1. I will get to the hairdresser before there are 5” of gray hairs peeking through.

2. I will stop freaking out whenever there’s a change of plans at the Matlen house. Why is transitioning so difficult?

3. Ok, just checked my list from last year and sadly, most are the same, so here they are with one BIG resolution: I will not get angry with myself for not making much progress on last year’s list. ADHD is not something that is easily controlled, and I have to walk the talk: I’ll do my best but not judge myself. So here’s the rest of that list:

4.  I will return phone calls and emails within 24 hours, not 24 days.

5. I will spend less time on Facebook, which really is like crack cocaine for those of us with ADHD. Wait, first I need to check and make sure I didn’t miss anyone’s birthday. Oh, cute baby! Haa…great puppy video. (yikes)

6.  I will remember to take out the laundry from the washer and put it in the dryer. Within 24 hours.

7.  I will TRY and remember to take out laundry from the dryer to the laundry baskets.

8.  I will purge my closets of clothes that are more than 10 years old. But what about the 20-year-old stuff?

9.  I will file away those two  five + piles of papers I’m staring at right this minute. I am not even going to mention the other 4 piles next to those. That’s for my next year’s resolution.

10. Thank goodness for resolution lists like this- I just realized I have forms to fill out and send that were due last week month. And then there’s the…taxes. Gulp.

Share your own resolutions below in the comment section.

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