We all have busy days where we simply can’t get a meal on the table. And many of us, who have the time to cook, might still be stumped as to what to make. I fit in both categories.

Last night, we were rushing to get to my daughter’s dance recital. Of course, I hadn’t planned ahead of time and began rummaging through the pantry/fridge, looking for a quick meal idea. Mind you, this was at 5:30pm.

I stand here before you, with an open heart and in complete honesty, am about to disclose the absolute worst and unhealthiest dinner I have ever prepared in my life.

1. Sloppy Joe. Ok, if it was made from scratch (scratch meaning browning hamburger meat and adding a can of Manwich), it wouldn’t be so terrible at all, right? But I found a ready-made tub of Manwich, with the meat and everything else, ready to go. I heated the stuff up. And while I was doing that..

2. I grabbed some Texas garlic toast and threw those under the broiler. This was my older daughter’s idea and it was a nice change of pace from the typical hamburger buns (which shockingly, I happened to have).

3. I found 4 small containers of readymade Mac & Cheese. Zapped those in the microwave.

4. Then I realized that there were no veggies on the menu, nor did I have anything green in the house- not even salad! Mind you, I had gone grocery shopping earlier in the day and forgot to get vegetables. So…I grabbed a can of corn from the pantry and heated that up.

So that was our fine dining: pre-made Sloppy Joe on garlic toast, canned Mac & Cheese and canned corn.

Who can beat me? What’s the worst meal YOU ever prepared in a pinch?