Today I …tried a Chick-fil-A sandwich for the first time.

This is about the extent of how I live dangerously.I’ve been extremely curious about the long slow lines of people waiting three- deep in the food court of my local mall ever since they opened this place over a year ago.

Normally I get a salad or Chinese foodwhile shopping here, but today was the day to push myself out of my safety zone. Being a Chick-fil-A virgin (I was even pronouncing it wrong: Chick-A-Fill), I asked the girl at the cash register which sandwich was the most popular. I mean, I’m brave, but not that brave- I wanted to know what these folks were standing in line 20 minutes for and surely it wasn’t for the measly little fruit cup.

She pointed out the top three favorites,so I chose the first- the basic chicken sandwich. I sat down, dug into the fried chicken, pickles, bun and some weird sauce and was immediately struck by the saltiness. I asked myself- THIS is what is drawing so much attention?

I was mildly disappointed, because I could’ve had my favorite: chicken and green beans stir fry.

Many people, after years of struggling with distractibility, disorganization, impulsivity, and all the rest of the ingredients found in adult ADHD, finally push themselves into their discomfort zone- they find the courage to get themselves evaluated for possible ADHD, then once diagnosed, walk away either relieved, depressed, or even angry. Maybe it’s not what they’d expected. Or maybe it was, and the truth is painful to swallow, at least initially. They had hoped that taking that first pill would miraculously shed them from all their ADHD pain.

It’s simply not that easy.

It can take years to get to the point of acceptance, learn new coping strategies and see yourself in a new light, as someone who has struggled for years with an ADHD brain.

But you’ll never know for sureuntil you’ve taken the leap by courageously consulting with an ADHD expert to see if this, indeed, is what has been causing you years of strife.

If you’re reading thisand haven’t yet gone for an ADHD evaluation but suspect you have it ADHD, I understand how scary it can be. Take that first step; gather names of mental health professionals savvy in diagnosing/treating ADHD and call them. Just call and ask questions. Then maybe you’ll step into that line, too, and explore something new that can change your life.

Just don’t stop for a Chick-fil-A lunch after your appointment.

Tell me your story. What brought you to the point of finally going for an evaluation? How did you feel afterward? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section, below.

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