This past weekend, I woke up with a great idea: why not have a garage sale?

It was Saturday morning and of course, I hadn’t planned any of it ahead of time. But it just “felt” right. I’d remembered years ago when I had a garage sale and how much work was involved. So I decided to do something different this time around.

Instead of spending days grouping things and agonizing over prices, this garage sale would be a “pick your own price” event. I told my family that I didn’t want to be like everyone else in the neighborhood (ha, like that’s going to happen…), so they finally agreed to go along with my plan.

I spent all of 2 hours running through the house and basically grabbing things I normally would have tossed or given to charity, then my husband put up signs for me.

It worked! Though it only lasted 4 hours, we sold over $100 worth of stuff, plus we de-cluttered the house!

Sometimes ADHD can work for you. Had I not impulsively jumped into this project, I know it never would have happened.

I’m wondering when you’ve had flashes of positive ADHD moments!