Wow, there’s been and continues to be a lot of discussion about sensory issues since I posted my blog on ADHD and Hypersensitivities.

You’ve shared lots of things that you are sensitive to, like wool, mouth noises, flip-flops, being tickled,certain kinds of shoes, pantyhose, bright lights, anything sticky….and the list goes on.
When I was on Blog Talk Radio yesterday, I raised the whole issue of hypersensitivities and it resonated with a lot of my listeners. What we can learn from all of this is that it’s time to stop fighting this and instead, figure out ways to deal with it.

For example..

I went clothes shopping today (have I mentioned how much I detest that activity?), as I needed a few things, including sandals for an outfit I’ll be wearing tomorrow to a wedding shower (have I mentioned how much I detest wedding showers?). The styles I saw were super cute but most had that darn THONG thing that cuts through your toes. I have NEVER been able to wear those, but figured I’d try once again. They looked soooo good on. But- I knew I would be miserable wearing them. Perhaps years ago, I might have bit the bullet- to try and conform to some degree ( though I never was very good at that) – by purchasing them and fitting in with everyone else.
Instead, I reminded myself that life is too short to walk around being physically miserable just to look good and be on top of things fashion-wise.

So I passed on them and instead got some super comfortable, but rather plain sandals, instead. Now I’ll be able to focus on the shower, the people, etc. instead of my feet.

As we think about these sensory issues and how they affect us, it’s important to realize the way our children react when they are uncomfortable. I’m sure we’d avoid many meltdowns if we, too, stopped fighting their hypersensitivities. So what if they insist on wearing sweatpants in summer? Many kids simply can’t tolerate tight fitting waistbands.
Others hate certain food textures, funny “smells” and well…hundreds of other irritating things.

One of the big offenders for kids- and adults with ADHD- is socks with seams. So when I found these seamless socks, I thought I’d share them with you. Check them out. Your child will thank you…and…they come in all sizes so the whole family can be happy!

Stop fighting the hypersensitivity war and find solutions, like these Seamless Socks.