How many of you are feeling angry at yourself for not:

  • Making that appointment for your annual physical
  • Getting a mammogram in over a year, if ever
  • Having your teeth cleaned
  • Making that dreaded appointment for your first (or second or third) colonoscopy?
  • Getting a flu shot?

I know, I know. You’re too busy. You’re fearful. You don’t have good insurance.

There are tons of reasons for not taking care of our health and ADD just adds to the problem. We procrastinate. We forget. We can’t prioritize well. And my bet is that we take our pets to the vet more often than we take ourselves in to see our doctors.

We ALL know the consequences of not doing the above things, yet…we still put it off. I’m just as guilty; I am way overdue for some appointments. And I’m writing this up partially for selfish reasons- to hold myself accountable by saying publicly that I will make those phone calls.

Do you need help in pushing yourself to do things you have been putting on the back burner? I’ve begun an Accountability Club as part of the Queens of Distraction group. And it’s taken off! Women who need a support person to help remind them- with kindness- to get things done, are pairing up with other members who need the same kind of support.

Check it out HERE.

In the meantime, let me know what you are putting off that needs to be done- and what you promise to do about it. Let me be your Accountability Partner! Just post it in the Comment section, below.

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