In my last blog, I wrote a humorous piece, titled Terry’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions. If you missed that, you can read it on my website HERE.

Why tongue in cheek? Because research shows (mine, anyway), that the vast majority of people who make New Year’s Resolutions never follow through on them. They are typically self-defeating which only makes us feel depressed at yet another failure. This is especially true if you have ADD, because, well…we tend to be super harsh on ourselves to begin with. If we can’t remember to buy eggs at the market, how are we supposed to remember- and follow through- on starting an exercise program?

Part of the problem is we either have too ambitious a plan (I will go to the gym every day) or we forget or procrastinate. The end result? Another reason to feel crappy about ourselves.

Stick with me here, ok? I challenge you- right now- to choose ONE small project, task, or mini resolution that you are pretty certain you can stick to and feel success with. Maybe it’s getting to work on time for a week. Or filing 10 pieces of paper away. Or finding that book that’s overdue at the library.

Are you on? Take Terry’s Mini Resolution Challenge and post your plan below, in the Comment section.  Then check back in a week (set a reminder on your computer or smart phone) and let me know how you fared, again in the Comment section. You can do it!

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