Last week I was in NYC for a meeting and lo and behold, my hotel was smack in the middle of Times Square. For those of you who have never been to the big Apple, Time’s Square is one of the loudest, brightest, most stimulating places in the entire world. Picture yourself inside a pinball machine and…well…that’s the experience of being in Times Square. You are literally bombarded by every stimulus imaginable.

Now imagine being a woman with inattentive ADHD (that would be me) running loose in this pinball machine of a town that never sleeps, hearing, feeling, seeing and smelling things you’ve never experienced back home.

You’d be bowled over in a hyper-arousal state so intense, you’d feel like collapsing, right?


I find it fascinating that though I can be mentally drained just getting my ADHHHD daughter out the door each day, I can keep up with the pace of crazy New York and not feel an ounce of exhaustion.

Why would an inattentive woman with ADD find New York even remotely fun, then?

I think we forget that regardless of the ADD subtype each of us carries (inattentive, hyperactive or a combination of both), our BRAINS are hyperactive and crave stimulation. So even though you may be an inattentive couch potato, your brain is probably going in a million different directions.

So next time you find yourself in a foggy slump, unable to attack a boring task in front of you, consider doing something that forces your body and senses to go into over-drive. Turn up the radio when tidying up the house. Roll down the car windows on a cold winter day while driving to work. Keep a jump rope handy when you’re about to sit down to pay bills.

What can you do to give your brain a wake-up call on a sluggish day?

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